Events [Event] The Return of the Golden Troupe
Black Desert 2021-07-21 09:00


Event I - The Return of the Golden Troupe!


Event Period

NA: After the July 20th Maintenance ~ Before the August 10th Maintenance (PDT)
EU: After the July 21st Maintenance ~ Before the August 11th Maintenance (UTC+1)
ASIA: After the July 21st Maintenance ~ Before the August 11th Maintenance (GMT+9)


Event Details

Collect [Event] Golden Troupe Coins by completing the daily event quests! During the event period, you can also collect [Event] Golden Imp Coins – these will be useful since Tapu is trying to collect some on his own. 


How to obtain


[Event] Golden Troupe Coin

Complete the event challenge or event daily quests during the event period

 Exchange for items

[Event] Golden Imp Coin

Defeat monsters during the event period

 Needed to complete the [Event] Shimmering Golden Imp Coin quest


Event Quest Information


Quest Name



[Event] Destroyed Golden Wagon

(Must be Level 15 or higher)

Contribution EXP 50

[Event] Golden Troupe Coin

[Event] Shimmering Golden Imp Coin

(Must be Level 15 or higher)

Contribution EXP 50

[Event] Golden Troupe Coin

[Event] New Hero of the Arena

(Must be Level 51 or higher)

Contribution EXP 50

[Event] Golden Troupe Coin

Red Seal

※ Tapu appears in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon City, Altinova, Valencia, and Grána.

※ For the [Event] Destroyed Golden Wagon quests, 1 out of 3 random completion conditions will be offered.

※ Each event quest can be obtained from any of the cities that Tapu is in, but each of the quests can only be done once a day per family.

※ Each event quest is available once per day, per family. The quest will reset at the following times:

5:00 PM (PDT) / 1:00 AM (UTC+1) / 9:00 AM (GMT+9)


Depending on how many [Event] Golden Troupe Coins you collect, you can exchange them for the following items:

Number of [Event] Golden Troupe Coins needed

Exchange Reward


Cron Stone x20


Memory Fragment x30


Advice of Valks (+50)


[Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box

※ The [Event] Golden Troupe Coins can be exchanged with Tapu (in major cities) and with Velia’s Igor Bartali. After the event period, Tapu will be removed from the game, but the items can be exchanged with Igor Bartali after the event period.


The [Event] Shakatu’s Luxury Box contains powerful accessories, reaching up to TET grades of strength!

Randomly obtain one of the following from the [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box

TET: Tungrad Necklace

TET: Tungrad Belt

TET: Ogre Ring

TET: Tungrad Earring

TET: Narc Ear accessory

TET: Basilisk Belt

TET: Ring of Crescent Guardian

TET: Forest Ronaros Ring

TRI: Tungrad Necklace

TRI: Tungrad Belt

TRI: Ogre Ring

TRI: Tungrad Earring

TRI: Narc Ear Accessory

TRI: Basilisk's Belt

TRI: Ring of Crescent Guardian

TRI: Forest Ronaros Ring

PRI: Tungrad Necklace

PRI: Tungrad Belt

PRI: Ogre Ring

PRI: Tungrad Earring

PRI: Narc Ear Accessory

PRI: Basilisk's Belt

PRI: Ring of Crescent Guardian

PRI: Forest Ronaros Ring

Tungrad Necklace

Tungrad Belt

Ogre Ring

Tungrad Earring

Narc Ear Accessory

Basilisk's Belt

Ring of Crescent Guardian

Forest Ranoras Ring

Resplendent Alchemy stone of Destruction

Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Protection

Advice of Valks (+100)

Sharp Alchemy Stone of Destruction

Sharp Alchemy Stone of Protection

Hard Black Crystal Shard x12

Sharp Black Crystal Shard x6

Memory Fragment x25


Event II - More Coins?


Event Period

NA: July 21st 05:00 PM ~ Before the August 10th Maintenance (PDT)
EU: July 22nd 01:00 AM ~ Before the August 11th Maintenance (UTC+1)
ASIA: July 22nd 09:00 AM ~ Before the August 11th Maintenance (GMT+9)


Event Details

Another way that you can earn [Event] Golden Troupe Coins is to spend time in the wonderful world of Black Desert.

Play Time

Challenge Reward

1 hour

[Event] Golden Troupe Coin x1


Event Notice

-  You can collect the challenge rewards through your menu

-  The event quests and play-time challenges reset every day at the following times:

5:00 PM (PDT), 1:00 AM (UTC+1), 9:00 AM (GMT+9)

-  Changing Servers or Entering the Character Selection window may affect gameplay time calculations.

-  Certain event items can be sold but cannot be recovered if sold.

-  Reward items given out during the event may or may not be bound, depending on each item. Thus, some event items cannot be moved or restored.

-  Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on mitigating circumstances.

-  If changes are made, they can be found on this event page.

-  Participating in the event using inappropriate methods will result in a cancellation or retrieval of your reward and restriction from the game.

-  If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support].

-  This event follows the [Event Rules].


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